• Glengoyne

    Distillery tours, tastings, and many plates of homemade shortbread: it was an absolute chore to work on this digital branding project for Glengoyne.

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  • Crieff Hydro

    How do you capture the spirit of a 150-year-old Scottish institution, and reflect everything that goes on at the nation’s favourite resort? It all starts with family – and our brand language workshops. Then it moves onto Segways, quadbikes, and 4x4s.

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  • University of the West of Scotland

    UWS wanted to take a different approach to its prospectus: turn essential information into a rich, engaging magazine-style content. Design agency Stand asked us to interview, research and write, while they pulled everything into crisp layouts.

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  • Tesco Bank

    Sure, Tesco has been in financial services since 1997. But this was the big one – launching their current account. We wrote the content, and helped make the brand language work online.

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  • CalMac

    Developing blog content for Scotland’s favourite ferry operator wasn’t a walk in the park. It was a cycle across Arran, Kintyre and Islay, in time for the start of the music and whisky festival – gathering material for a whole range of blogs along the way.

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  • apprenticeships.scot

    Skills Development Scotland’s Modern Apprenticeship programme helps around 25,000 young people every year. This campaign site, designed by Screenmedia, spells out the advantages for jobseekers, parents and employers.

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  • Snook

    Snook design better services for the likes of the NHS and local authorities. We helped them develop a brand personality and tone of voice. In return, they taught us a thing or two about workshops and Post-it® notes.

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  • Hometrack

    When it comes to info on the UK and Australian residential property markets, no-one has bigger data than Hometrack. We helped them bring out the benefits of using their products.

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  • Mercat Tours

    The history of Edinburgh comes to life on a Mercat walking tour. Think baying crowds, underground vaults and the slap of guts spilling onto Edinburgh’s cobbled streets. (We politely declined a biscuit at the first meeting.)

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  • Soar performance running wear

    A new brand of performance running wear, designed by runners and made from exceptional fabrics. We helped Soar find a voice, and tell their story.  

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  • it’seeze websites

    it’seeze offer responsive websites that are easy to update. They asked us to make sure the copy was clear, simple, and easy on the eye – just like their product.

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  • Springfield

    Scotland’s House Builder of the Year, no less. We wrote the copy, then trained the team on web and traditional copywriting.

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  • Auchentoshan travel retail

    'Travel retail' is industry speak for 'duty free'. The job: create a suite of new names (and copy) for Auchentoshan's globe-trotting range - telling the complex stories of wood selection and triple distillation. Designed by Stand Design in Glasgow, this range has now picked up almost every packaging award going.

  • Glengoyne relaunch

    It's best not to rush single malt whisky - whether you're crafting it, drinking it, or writing the copy for a brand refresh. Good Creative came to us with the 'worth the wait' platform - we then created a series of other copy elements, including 'unhurried since 1833'. In fact, we wrote all the pack copy.

  • Tamdhu website

    Born 1897. Reborn 2012. Good Creative asked us to voice the brand they’d developed for this hugely anticipated relaunch. We wrote the packaging copy, brand book and guidelines too.

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  • Glasgow Major Events

    The Glasgow Major Events website showcases all that’s great about holding your event in Scotland’s largest city. And it’s got lots of helpful information and ideas for Glasgow businesses in the supply chain.

  • J.P Morgan investment trust videos

    Investment trusts aren't exactly new. But lots of investors don't really understand how they work.
    That's why J.P. Morgan asked us to write over 30 short videos, describing each of the trusts in just the right amount of detail

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  • Brands Inside Out

    After years helping companies establish their brand, Carl asked us to help him create his own. We put his years of expertise, and his sense of humour, into web copy for Brands Inside Out.

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  • Intelecom

    Intelecom are the experts when it comes to multi-channel solutions for customer contact centres. We helped them with short, simple, engaging copy that really sells their services.

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  • AXA ‘Why Not?’ website

    In financial services, it’s easy to aim for the mediocre middle. AXA refuse to play the game. And they’ve commandeered an intriguing, zeitgeisty idea to show what that means for customers.

  • Matthew Algie website

    The web copywriting equivalent of an artisan roast. A site designed to keep the user reading and clicking all the way to ‘contact us’ – learning about ethical coffee without even realising it.

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  • Yorkshire Cloud

    Yorkshire has had its own pudding for years, now it has its own cloud too. These cloud computing experts are a canny lot; that’s why they came to us for a spot of web copywriting.

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  • Vodafone UK website

    From the iPhone 5 launch to the help videos, our writers have written almost every corner of this massive site. Remotely and onsite in Newbury, if you’re interested.

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    BlackAd served Vodafone's needs brilliantly for over three years during my leadership of Online Digital Production. They are always willing to go the extra mile, provide flexibility when required and top quality delivery. The team is totally committed to serving their client's needs, and with competitive commercials to boot.

    Conner Josey , Vodafone
  • Marshall Aerospace website

    We love Kwik Fit.
    But if you need to service your Hercules C-130, even they’ll suck their teeth and shake their heads.  Which is why the world and its fleet turns to Cambridge-headquartered Marshall Aerospace.

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  • Tesco website

    Do we write the descriptions for cans of beans? Course not. But we do lots of supporting copy – including offers, forms, labels and validation.

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  • Stop Destitution website

    ‘Asylum’. It’s a word that carries a lot of political baggage in the UK.
    We worked with the Scottish Refugee Council to get back to the human stories – and the basic human needs.

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  • Tesco Bank website

    You know all those letters your bank needs to send you? We created them for Tesco Bank. We created these pages too (sadly, not in woofs and meows).

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  • Standard Life website

    New website. New brand. And – guess what – new copy too. We didn’t write the whole thing, but we do help out on lots of different web copy projects – mainly pensions.

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  • RBS website

    We help out right across the sites, working to peel away the barriers which stop the customer from applying. We also wrote the entire RBS and NatWest sites at launch.

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  • Auchentoshan website

    ‘Every drop, triple distilled’ - it took a lot of chin stroking to get what’s in the bottle onto the page. Oh, we write their pack copy too.

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  • Erskine website

    This Scottish charity’s never been more relevant. We helped them get their message across – including the sensitive subject of donations through legacies.

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  • Clydesdale Bank website

    Or, if you’re in England, Yorkshire Bank. We do quite a bit of stuff behind the curtain too – like the online application processes. (Yes, even validation copy.)

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  • Coutts website

    No, we don’t have an account. And yes, we’ve written private bank websites before. But Coutts was a bit special – a thoroughly focused business.

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  • Crieff Hydro website

    Alan, the boss, is a regular at Crieff Hydro. So when they asked us to write their website, our collective ulcer started to pulse. Could we do them justice? We think we did.

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    Crieff Hydro is really a collection of businesses. 2 hotels, 54 self catering units, 5 restaurants, 20 segways, 14 function rooms, 3 golf courses, 65 horses. Keeping it thriving means we need to work hard across all sorts of consumer segments, b2b and b2xyz. Finding the gossamer thread of copy that gets all of this over to all of those (when ever-less is ever-more) is no cakewalk. Yet Alan and his team have deftly and timeously walked every cake, scone or tart of our asking. All this with vim, vigour, humour, tenacity and good-grace.

    John Jennet , Crieff Hydro
  • Caledonian MacBrayne

    CalMac is more than just a ferry company: it’s the lifeblood of the western isles. The new website  needed to be many things at once: travel inspiration, journey planner, events and activities guide. We helped them do just that.

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