Many ideas, united under one voice

The global leader in intellectual property tech needed to quash confusion and find a consistent voice.

A brand built on good ideas

CPA Global connects millions of intellectual property professionals every day, and helps bring the world’s brightest new ideas to life, faster. Its challenge: to find a voice that could unite the many aspects of its business.

From many voices to one

CPA Global’s purpose is clear. But like many brands built through acquisition, the company lacked linguistic consistency. Everyone was doing their own thing. So we studied every piece of content we could get our hands on and found the threads – linguistic and otherwise – that bind this organisation together. 

Balance was key. The company needed a tone of voice that was comprehensive enough for every employee to feel represented, but straightforward enough for everyone – from the CEO to the summer intern – to put into practice.

Skilled in simplicity

From this complicated background of inputs and outlooks, we created three tone of voice ‘truths’ to focus CPA Global’s positioning and personality. All broken down into practical tips and detailed techniques, delivered in a brand language guide we designed to be picked up and used. 

Making it stick

Of course, a successful brand language is one that everyone in the company uses. And a 30-page brand language manual can be off-putting for some. So we also created an entry-level guide that strips away the strategy and explains nothing but the essentials: a tone of voice hymn sheet that everyone can sing from.

Unite your organisation under one voice.