Copywriter recruitment

Who should you ask to help you hire your next copywriter? Another copywriter, obviously.

(Our latest copywriting jobs are right here.)

It’s hard to recruit good people for content and copywriting roles. What are their motivations, talents and ambitions? How do you reach them? How do you retain them? As writers who find writers, we’ve got the answers. 

Our copy test is to writers what The Knowledge is to London cabbies; you can be sure anyone who’s aced it knows their way around a keyboard. Hiring for a specialist role? We’ve placed writers in e-commerce businesses, government departments, banks and creative agencies.

Whatever the role, we’ll find copywriters who are up to the job, and then some.

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Hiring a copywriter?

Tested, pre-screened copywriters and content professionals. Ready when you are.

Content design roles

Sorry, we don't have any roles right now. But you can still send us your CV and cover letter using the form on this page.

Next steps? If something comes up we'll get in touch and ask if you'd like to complete our copy test. It's blissfully short and straightforward.

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