Copywriting training courses

We design copywriting training courses around your team, your audiences and your words. From scratch, every time.

Your words in the examples. Your words in the exercises. That's how we build our copywriting training courses, whether we're delivering face-to-face in London and the rest of the UK – or online.

Just ask the teams at Hargreaves Lansdown, Pearson Education, CooperVision, Edinburgh International Festival, QVC, ScottishPower Energy Networks, or The R&A.

How does it work? We trawl through your copy, and we find out what really matters to your business, your customers and your people. Expect a briefing session, surveys, competitor comparisons and a look at your work in progress.

Then – and only then – do we design a copywriting course just for your team – complete with examples and exercises based on your content. How long does it take to deliver your course? Around 3-4 weeks from your first call.

And yes, we'll preview the course with you before we deliver it to your team.

These days, we deliver most of our copywriting courses online. Our Teams and Zoom sessions are 100% live and interactive (your team will do a lot of writing during the session). Everyone gets a full recording of the course and access to the day’s idea-packed whiteboard.

Need us to deliver a copywriting training course at your offices in London – or anywhere else in the UK? We're happy to do that too.

Pearson Education, Hargreaves Lansdown and QVC asked us to deliver their copywriting courses and brand language training.

Here's why.

The brand voice is tricky

“Our agency makes copywriting look easy. But we can’t ask them to write everything.”

The tone is up and down

“Preeti is brilliant. Steph is new. And Peter finds it hard to loosen up when he's writing copy.”

The copy doesn't connect

“We publish a lot of stuff, but we’re not seeing the engagement to match the copywriting effort.”

Building your copywriting training programme

We know what it takes to change minds, win hearts and get your brand working harder – with our five-stage Cultured Words process.



We read your brand documents and your team’s latest copywriting work. We delve into your process. We might even shadow your sales or customer service team to see how they communicate day-to-day.

It sounds comprehensive because it is. By the time we’ve finished, we understand exactly how your copywriting team produce content, and what you need from your copywriting training course.


Session design

We flex our culture and language framework to create a deeply practical, relevant copywriting training programme that answers the needs of your team.

We use the best (and worst) examples from your copywriting to create training exercises that show your team exactly how your brand language works, and how to apply it to everything they do.


Sign off

We agree all of the copywriting course content with you before we run your training. Then we give you a preview of the entire session. No surprises.



People learn more when they’re having fun. So, we facilitate brilliant discussions, direct people to find their own answers, and pack each session with practical copywriting exercises. Above all, we make sure your people are creatively involved from the start, whether we're in training room in London or a virtual session spanning three continents.



Tell us how we did. Not only is this a great way of getting your team to reflect on what they’ve learned in the copywriting course, it helps us refine our approach to your take-home material and follow-up sessions.


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