Which copywriter or copywriting agency should write your digital content?

Book cover of 'Deciding who should write your content' ebook

In-house? Integrated? Freelance?
Or a specialist copywriting agency?

So – you’ve got a big content project on the horizon. Unless you’ve decided to keep all the copywriting work in in-house (in which case we’d recommend reading our guide to polishing your content process), it’s time to choose a freelance writer or agency.

And there’s the problem. If your office is colder than a husky’s paw, it’s easy to find a certified heating engineer. But if the pilot light has snuffed out on your website copy, you’re on your own. Or rather, you were.

If you’re not sure how to choose the copywriter or copywriting agency to write your words, we’ve got your back. Our detailed 42-page guide will help you choose the best professional writers for the job, every time.

What’s in our guide to choosing a copywriter?

Here’s what to expect:

  • What good copywriters need to prepare a quote
  • The different types of copywriter and agency
  • Questions to ask
  • Good omens and bad vibes

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