Copywriting training for teams, built around your material and your needs

Web copywriting courses for teams in London and across the UK (or, er, Zoom)

Your brand feeds on quality content.

But how do you increase quality when budgets are under pressure?

How do you keep your brand tone of voice consistent?

How do you do more with less?

Talk to us. We build fully-tailored digital copywriting courses for teams. Our clients include AXA, Hargreaves Lansdown, AutoTrader, QVC and Vodafone. Every learning point is squarely focused on your brand. So your team will boost their copywriting skills and productivity from the second they start.

“I learned a great deal about both copywriting and about the values and messages our internal comms team is trying to promote.”

Total Exploration & Production UK

“Alan’s style- perfectly matched for the audience - loved it! Great interaction with the delegates and it showed that he is passionate about the subject plus he put everything across in a really effective manner.”


“It was well-paced and provided the right level of detail with opportunities to probe to aid understanding. Good, easy to remember tips.”

Interface Inc.

Our copywriting courses for teams are different. Here's why.


80% of your time will be spent copywriting and reviewing

Not just talking about copywriting. Not just thinking about copywriting. But actually putting words onto the page.

Your team will spend the session redrafting, re-organising, polishing – and getting feedback on their content. They’ll make mistakes. They’ll make discoveries. Most importantly, they can use what they’ve learned straight away.


Delivered by a copywriter who's been training for over 20 years.

Every Blackad copywriting course is delivered by Alan Black – our founder and principal content consultant.

We don’t employ ‘professional trainers’, juniors, UX consultants or account managers to run our copywriting courses. It just wouldn’t work, would it?


We use your material

Would you rather learn using your own material or generic copywriting examples? For us, there’s no contest.

We’ve spent 18 years figuring out how to create highly tailored courses using the client team’s own content, without charging five-figure sums for the privilege.

At the end of the workshop, you’ll have real-world answers to real-world copywriting problems. We’d be amazed if you didn’t transplant at least five or six portions of copy from the workshop onto your website within the week.


We deliver what you and your team really need

We do this by surveying your team, poring over the writing examples they send, and listening carefully to understand the strategic direction you want to take. Nothing is left to chance.

You get full sign-off on the course contents. Even during the session itself, we’ll check to make sure we’re delivering the value you need – and adjust our approach based on your feedback. (Something that’s only possible because all our courses are delivered by our highly experienced senior copywriters.)

But we’re not just here to listen. We’ll also give you a clear picture of what’s possible given the investment you’d like to make – and the level your team’s working at right now.

Shock, horror – we’ve been known to suggest ditching the idea of a copywriting course altogether, and instead spend time understanding the real issues that are holding your content back.

About your copywriting trainer

I’m Alan. I lead all our web copywriting courses. I’ve been a copywriter since 1995, and I’ve been writing digital content since 1997. (Yes, the profession’s changed a bit since then. Does anyone really miss CD-ROMs?)

I’ve trained thousands of people how to write copy. I still write every day: for example, I worked on our D&AD award-winning Alexa skill for Channel 4.

I've written digital content for brands including NatWest, Vodafone and Tesco – plus lots of business-to-business brands.


Online training. (Or in person if you're happy to pay travel at cost price.)

Your IT department can rest easy – you don’t need to install or configure anything.

We use a secure online whiteboard to run our copywriting training courses. This runs alongside your choice of a Zoom, Microsoft Teams or Google Meet call, which we use to keep in touch and share the day’s exercises and examples.

And when the world’s back to normal, we’ll be back too – running copywriting courses in London, Glasgow and across the UK.

Which copywriting course do you need?

If you need costs and outlines, get our copywriting course brochure

Clear, consistent business writing

Ideal for teams who need to know the basics which make the biggest difference to clarity and persuasion. Chosen by Autotrader and Historic Environment Scotland. Ideal for:

✓ Beginners looking for a general business writing course
✓ Subject matter experts
✓ Professionals moving into a content role

Digital copywriting

If you’re bringing your website, blog, email marketing or social in-house – or just want to raise your game – we can help. As proven by Vodafone and Edinburgh International Festival. Ideal for:

✓ Traditional marketing teams and copywriters
✓ Clients looking to bring digital content in-house
✓ Teams looking to relaunch their website, email marketing or other digital channels

Writing in your tone of voice

When your in-house team needs to step up. When your brand voice changes. When the writing just isn’t connecting. Successfully delivered for clients including Scottish Ballet and Draper Esprit. Ideal for:

✓ Marketers bringing content in-house
✓ Digital content teams
✓ Global teams looking for a consistent voice

Copywriting for internal communications

When it comes to copywriting support, marketing departments have it relatively easy. Internal comms teams, not so much. As delivered for Total and AXA:

✓ Newcomers looking for the basics
✓ Experienced writers who need to explore messaging
✓ Human resources, learning and development teams

SEO copywriting vs tone of voice

We’ve always held that SEO and brand tone of voice can play nicely together. Interface and CalMac are just two clients who’ve benefited. Ideal for:

✓ Brand copywriters who need SEO skills
✓ SEO writers who’d like to explore tone of voice
✓ Marketing teams who need both skill sets

Bring brand voice to customer service

Customer service (or customer experience) is that last great wilderness of brand tone of voice. As proven by and Scotrail. Ideal for:

✓ Frontline customer experience and customer service teams
✓ Brand managers building a consistent customer journey
✓ Direct-to-consumer (D2C) brands looking for a competitive advantage

Need costs and outlines in a hurry?

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