Tone of voice

It ain't what you say,
it's the way that you say it (that's what gets results)

We added wag to, helped Scottish Ballet move people with words and brought flavour to Glengoyne's packaging

If you’re developing your tone from scratch, we help you find and use a voice that’s the perfect fit. If you’ve covered the basics but are struggling to put the theory into practice, we can help there too. We simply pick up where your current guidelines stop, to give your people a set of tone of voice principles they can actually use. 

The One Voice™ process

It takes just four weeks to get your brand speaking clearly, distinctively and powerfully.



First things first, we build a model of your existing brand tone of voice – stutters, stumbles, high notes and all. Then we map it against your competitive set.



Working with your senior team, we get to work on your brand messaging to make sure the ‘what’ of your content matches the ‘how’ of your tone of voice.



We show precisely how your new tone of voice works alongside your existing – or refreshed – brand guidelines.



We create the how-to guide, resources and training programme – including follow-up material – to help you manage your own tone of voice.

What's wrong with the tone of voice in most organisations?

It's just for marketing

"Our tone of voice wasn't built for internal comms, stakeholder engagement or customer support."

It's a style guide

"The existing tone of voice just doesn't give us what we need — a distinctive way of talking to our audiences"

It's hard to use

"It's full of fine aspirations, but it's difficult to put our voice to work in real applications, like email and social"


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