Webinar: brand voice in customer service

Is your marketing saying one thing and your customer service saying another? Great brands speak with one true voice – we'll show you how.


It might be a problem with a delivery, a pre-sales question or a complex technical question. Whatever the need, your customer expects your brand to behave consistently.

And that’s the problem – too often, the experience over chat, email and calls is a world away from the brand’s voice and messaging.

Back in June 2020, we spent 45 minutes looking at how to give customer service its rightful place at the heart of your brand. And now, thanks to the magic of recording, you can watch along from the future. Expect real examples, along with practical advice you can put to work straight away.

We even spent 15 minutes on audience questions at the end. We’re no longer live on air, but we still love to take questions. Send us a note:

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