A curious bunch

The people behind the words. And a few things we’d like to make clear.

Writing laser-focused content is something that comes with experience. Which is why we’re a team of senior content people – with a distinct lack of ‘junior’ or ‘mid-weight’ in our ranks. 

We’re told we’re good to work with. We can’t comment on that. But we can promise to do good work.

And that’s really what it’s all about, isn’t it?

Deck of cards
Illustration of Alan Black, Blackad's Managing Director

Alan Black


Alan leads the team as well as working directly with clients, mostly on training and consultancy projects. He started Blackad in 2002, and has worked in agencies since 1995. Don’t get him started on cycling, hi-fi or Stanley Kubrick.

What I’d like to make clear:

  • Clients are allowed to have good ideas too.
  • Lunch doesn’t solve everything, but it’s a good start.
Illustration of Sian Ross

Siân Ross

Operations Director

Content consultant turned operations boffin, Siân is our resident process and strategy person. You can’t stop a writer writing, so you might also find her on your project team – a brand voice workshop is her happy place.

What I’d like to make clear:

  • No topic is boring. You just haven’t got to the interesting bit yet.
  • It’s OK to mix your breakfast cereals – one at a time is half a meal.
Illustration of Helen Selby, Blackad's Senior Content Consultant

Helen Selby

Senior Content Consultant

Before joining Blackad, Helen headed up writing teams and spent her days building strategy-led content plans. So she knows exactly what it takes to write words that connect. Not only that, she speaks fluent SEO.

What I’d like to make clear:

  • Three musts for great copy? Check it’s relevant, useful and engaging.
  • There’s nothing that a bit of Tom Petty on full blast can’t fix.
Illustration of Chris Tapley, Blackad's Content Consultant

Chris Tapley

Content Consultant

Chris has written for everyone from creative agencies to energy companies. He brings expertise to every digital project – from detail-filled web copy to social media soundbites.

What I’d like to make clear:

  • Clarity over style every time. But if you can put a nice hat on your content...
  • Avoid coffee after noon, sure, but drink it in the gallons before midday.
Illustration of Rachel McCallion

Rachel McCallion

Marketing Coordinator

Rachel is the brains behind BlackMail and our social channels. She’s been known to bring her marketing experience to client projects too. Just don’t ask her to drive a van. 

What I’d like to make clear:

  • Before you release any sentence into the wild, read it out loud.
  • Cats are lactose intolerant. Seriously, Google it.

Laura Skelly

Agency Administrator

Laura runs our office – handling all those behind-the-scenes tasks that keep your project on track. Her superpower? Resolving project-related queries with a flick of her mouse.

What I’d like to make clear:

  • What you can measure, you can improve.
  • Tuna makes a great breakfast.


Editor at Large

The youngest – and most noticeably hirsute – member of the team. A firm believer in the restorative qualities of a power nap, Forbes is also fond of lunchtime walks and squeaky elephants.

What I’d like to make clear:

  • Talent counts. Good looks only get you so far in this game.
  • One day, that pigeon isn’t going to be so lucky.

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