Finding the words to describe a brand born in 1833

We worked with our friends at Good Creative, who asked us to help bring this Single Malt Highland Scotch Whisky to new audiences as part of a global repackaging brief.

Don’t mess with the recipe

Every distillery likes to think it does things a little differently. Glengoyne’s points of difference border on the willful: no whisky is distilled more slowly. So where others can boost production in the boom years, Glengoyne stays true to tenets established over a century and a half before. Good Creative defined this as ‘time and care’. We were ready to start. 

Building the brand story

We began with the six pillars of the brand, including the team’s insistence on sourcing exceptionally fine oak casks. This particular supply line takes around eight years to progress from forest to cask. Coupled with the slowest still in Scotland, we had our founding thought: unhurried since 1833.

We then turned our attention to the brand’s other attributes, such the ‘nowhere to hide’ taste of unpeated malt, and colour which is born of time and wood alone. And so another another branding element was created.

The taste of clear thinking

The final task was to find a brand template to describe each expression, from the fresh green apples of the 10-year-old, right the way up to the fruitcake and spice of the 25-year-old.

Researching competitor brands revealed a surprising anomaly: almost nobody leads with a simple, unpretentious description of flavour. What could be a more perfect way of demonstrating the value of the brand’s unhurried approach than leading with the glorious end result?

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