Finding the right words, from bowl to blog

By switching carotenoids for cuddles, we helped the leaders in tailor-made food for dogs transform the customer experience.

How do we make this more dog?

The team behind came to us with a simple brief: ‘we want to be more wag.’ More specifically, they wanted to add emotion to the scientific bedrock of their product.

We ran discovery sessions. We dug into market research. We watched the team at work. Then we created a tone of voice that captured the essence of the brand: a team of dog-lovers on a mission to make the world’s canines happier and healthier. 

When language is a brand’s best friend

The brand language was built using our Three TruthsTM process. We then created a suite of practical advice on bringing it to life, so the whole team could put it to work.

Lessons in wag

With the top-level strategy set, we helped the team roll it out across every area of the business. Our workshops introduced the new tone of voice to the marketing, product, brand and customer experience teams. These sessions were full of real examples and detailed exercises, helping the team to tell the brand’s story with consistency and charm.

Balancing science and brand

Small differences in nutrition copy can make a big difference. To keep’s content accurate and informative, we added a glossary of phrases for the team to use where pinpoint accuracy is vital. We also included expressions the brand should never use – whether for accuracy or tone – to stop these from creeping into the collective vocabulary as the organisation grows.

Climbing the SERPs and eating poo

We wrote everything from the company’s web content and product packaging to blogs about how to stop your dog eating her own poo. Yes, really. A key target was to achieve featured snippets that would establish the brand as an authority in dog nutrition. 

Transform the way you communicate your brand