A mammoth bid, boiled down to a simple message.

We sculpted 100,000 words of engineering terminology and regulatory box-ticking around what matters most: customers – and a greener future for all.

Let’s understand the requirements

The UK’s energy network is tightly regulated. Each company must submit a business plan every few years to set out the case for their proposed network developments and pricing. Scottish Power Energy Network’s (SPEN) Transmission division called on our friends at D8 to help make sure their plan clearly and consistently reflected their ambitions.

At 200 pages, 100,000 words, and with enough engineering terminology to power a small city, this was far from a nip and tuck. Through it all, focus was needed around one key message – SPEN is leading the transition to a low-carbon future and a healthier planet.

Getting to the heart of the plan

Previous plans had been written in sections by individuals and departments within the business. The detail was good, but without a united plan of attack, the finished piece lacked consistency and focus. 

Working closely with D8, we ran messaging workshops with the experts who oversee different sections of the business plan. Many spirited discussions and thousands of Post-it notes later, we had consensus on the core themes that would shape the plan. 

A bid that just makes sense

Then there was the small matter of those 100,000 words. We pored over the teams’ first drafts – editing, restructuring, crafting – to make sure the key messages were loud and clear. Many hours of back and forth with the team helped us fine-tune every last sentence. 

The result: a laser-focused 200-page bid clearly presenting SPEN’s work and their ambitions for the future of our energy network.

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