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Process, Value Proposition

Five rules for a great value proposition

What are the components of a great value proposition? And how can you unlock the right messaging? Blackad reveals five rules, and how to follow them.

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Copywriting, Tone of Voice

How to keep your tone of voice consistent

A consistent tone of voice can help you achieve great things. Find out how, with Blackad.

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Copywriting, Training

Sense check the spell check

Whether it’s Word, Google Docs or Grammarly, AI tools have committed some howlers in their time. Here are Blackad’s tips on how to embrace the support without any risk to your reputation.

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How to become a copywriter (according to the Blackad team)

So, you want to be a copywriter. Read on for advice on breaking into the business, according to the Blackad team. It takes one to know one.

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Copywriting, Recruitment, UX

Do copywriters dream of electric competitors?

It’s true that technology is getting smarter than ever. Robotics can already prepare and serve food. But will robots start taking over from copywriters? Blackad investigates.

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Copywriting, Recruitment

What are the different types of copywriter?

Want to become a copywriter, or hire one for a project? Get up to speed with the different types of copywriter first with this handy guide from Blackad.

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Brand Language, Value Proposition

Value propositions in B2B marketing

Does your B2B company really need a value proposition? The short answer is ‘yes’. Find out why in this handy blog article from Blackad, packed with pro insights.

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Brand Language, Copywriting, Process, UX

Spoilt for voice: our pick of the best branded Alexa skills

These brands have all used scripted content to bring the best of their business to audiences in a new, more vocal way. With an Amazon Alexa. Find out more with Blackad.

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Blackad bookshelf: Make Time by Jake Knapp and John Zeratsky

We’re still figuring out how to juggle housework, home-schooling and our jobs. Make Time was the right choice to level-up our productivity. Find out how with Blackad.

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