A change to our scheduled programming

Rachel McCallion

Man overboard! 

Well…woman overboard. And, not overboard as such. It’s more like, she’s heading out on a dingy, with a bucket, to bail out fellow sailors on a totally different boat. 

Are you following?

You may have noticed that our regular scheduled email and podcast programming has changed a little. And we’re not making excuses, we’re updating you so that there are no nasty surprises. Like, for example, your favourite podcast in the world (nay, universe) unexpectedly taking a week off. 

Rubbish metaphors aside, I Rachel, Blackad Marketing Coordinator (nice to meet you) have been seconded to help one of our clients with Brexit content. Lots and lots of Brexit content. 

This isn’t a  ‘goodbye Blackad’. Actually, it’s not even a ‘see you later’, because for the foreseeable I’ll be working a flexible six-day week. I’ll be picking up Blackad work at the weekend, in the evenings – maybe even in the middle of the night depending on caffeine consumption. If there’s Wi-Fi, there’s opportunity. 

And since we won’t have a full-time marketer until early January, we’re focussing on nailing your briefs, training your teams and getting your brand talking with One Voice™

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