Cookies and personal information

Yes, our site uses cookies. But we promise they won’t affect your privacy, give you bad skin or spread nasty rumours about your mum.

So why do we use them? Some of the cookies on help us understand how you got to our site. That way, we can figure out what’s working for us and what’s not.

Cookies also help us understand how you move through the site. We look at the stats, and use them to improve the way our site works.

Cookies also tell us (roughly) which part of the world you’re from, and which browser and operating system you use.

Expression Engine cookies

Expression Engine is the content management system we use to run the site. It sets a few cookies for people like us (logged-in users). But it also sets a few that you should know about:

  • exp_last_visit – sets the date and time that you last visited the site
  • exp_tracker – this tracks the last five pages you viewed
  • exp_last_activity – allows Expression Engine to decide when to expire the page

Google Analytics cookies

Surprise, surprise: we use Google Analytics to find out how our site’s performing. Here are the cookies Google uses:

  • __utma – this lets Google count the unique visitors to our site
  • __utmb – this establishes and continues a user session with our site
  • __utmc – it’s there, but it doesn’t do anything any more
  • __utmz – this records how you entered our site... perhaps through a referring link, a website search or an email link
  • __utmv – we don’t use this cookie
  • __utmx – this lets us optimise our website