SEO copywriting without the mindless repetition

We know. We’ve said before that we’re not SEO copywriters. Instead, we like to think of ourselves as web copywriters who understand SEO.

See what we did there?

Care about SEO copywriting? Then start planning now.

Too often, clients see SEO as a separate part of building a new site. It shouldn’t be.

If you’re serious about your Google Page Rank, SEO needs to inform your information architecture, define your page structure and underpin the broad proposition of the whole site.

So think about search optimisation early – then get us, and your SEO agency, involved before the development kicks off.

SEO copy that doesn’t read like SEO copy

Give us your keywords as early as you can, and send us your search marketing strategy if you have one. We’re looking for two or three keywords for each page. We’ll seed them neatly and naturally into the copy, in the places users (and Google) like to find them.

We’ll also make sure your headings, sub-heads, navigation labels and link copy ties in with your search strategy. Then we’ll write page titles that shine from every one of their 66 characters.

Heck. We’ll even write your page descriptions, so you don’t have to.