Everything but the web

Presentations. Menus. Paper cups.

OK, you got us – we don’t just write for the web. So why do we call ourselves web copywriters?

“Hey – can you turn this poorly structured brochure into an even worse website?”

Nobody actually says that. But it doesn’t hide the fact that lots of websites are still built on the shaky ground of less-than-perfect offline material.

So here’s our pitch: create your website copy first, and your offline copy afterwards. That way, you’ve cracked all the tricky structuring questions – and defined the tasks people actually want to complete.

Trust us: it’ll save you time, money and unnecessary anguish.

Letters. Brochures. Cups. What could we write for you?

We’ll write almost anything for cash, moon rocks or mineral exploration rights. For example:

  • Packaging – label and carton copywriting for Auchentoshan and Glengoyne, very lovely single malt Scotch whiskies
  • Brochures – like the copy we wrote for EICC through the talented team at Precedent (the brochure was Highly Commended at the Roses Design Awards)
  • Menus – for Crieff Hydro, Belhaven Brewery and Little Chef
  • Customer service letters – hundreds of the blighters, for a major bank. And hundreds more for an equally major utility
  • Cups – we wrote a ‘Pret Passion Fact’ for their coffee cups, through our friends at Matthew Algie