Have laptop, will travel

A guide to using copywriters in-house

With the right kit, copywriters can work from pretty much anywhere. But there are times when it helps to get one of our writers into your organisation.

It could be you’ve got lots of different people involved at your end; having us there is easier than sending group emails.

You might want a copywriter to pair up with a designer. Or maybe you’d like us to attend client meetings with you. Whatever the reason, you’ll find we fit neatly into most organisations. We’re house-trained and may bring biscuits.

But how do you get the most out of having a copywriter on site? Here’s our quick guide to contract copywriting.

Be prepared

Of course, we can show up on the first day, plug in our kit and get started. But only if we can get into the building and log on to your systems. So before we’re due on site, it’s a good idea to have entry passes, desk space and passwords already organised – then you won’t be paying a copywriter to stand outside your office poking at their phone screen.

Content is king. So what’s the content?

Copywriters can do great things. Sometimes we can magic up copy from nothing, but it won’t be our best. Even with research, it’s unlikely we’ll know your organisation like you do, so try to give us all the information we’ll need. A formal briefing session always helps. Supporting materials, internal style guides and access to relevant people will help us write engaging copy that’s right first time.

Show us off

OK, so we might not warrant an ‘all staff’ email. But it helps if everyone involved in the project knows who we are and why we’re there. It means they’ll know where to come with questions or information. It also avoids any awkward “who the hell are you?” moments. (Believe us, they happen.)

Don’t waste your money

Remember, every day we’re in your business, you’re paying for us to be there. So make sure we can be as productive as possible. For example, if you want us in a meeting, only include us in the relevant part of it. Or, if we need feedback on a draft of copy, let your teams know it’s a priority.

Not sure you need us full-time? Why not bring us in for, say, three days a week? This can be the best way to go if you anticipate any delays in gathering information or reviewing work.

Remember why you hired us

This might sound a bit grumpy, but it’s really about getting your money’s worth. Put simply, there’s no point bringing a writer into your organisation if the people who’ll be signing off the work don’t value what we do.

Better to set the expectations early on – we run induction sessions, and write ‘what to expect’ briefings to share with the stakeholders. That way, everyone can be as productive as possible.

Want to know a bit more?

Call Alan on 0203 603 7740, or email copywriters@blackad.co.uk