Van glorious: inspiration from the Blackad window

Only 40% of tradespeople brand their van. Those that take the bolder path achieve greatness, mostly.

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People will tell you to go for a walk to boost creativity. At Blackad we just look out of the window.

And with our commanding views of Bothwell Street, we see it all.

Taxis stopping in the bike box.

The M&S lorry reversing expertly over a junction.

A liveried chauffeur, waiting beside a Mercedes outside Costa.

A man with tiny hands making a total cockup of his parallel parking.

Even a mini zebra.

And this expertly parked bin.

But mostly it’s about the vans

Few things bring as much pleasure as a well-decorated van. But apparently only 40% of tradespeople choose to brand their van. The other 60% are wary of attracting more thieves than customers. Or they just prefer to spend the money on coffee.

Like this flat white van man:

Nevertheless, the braver entrepreneurs recognise an opportunity where others see only risk. In a city centre, up to 3,000 people an hour will see your van.

Better get it bang on then. Some go for a simple logo. Others go for the full whack. It’s a rich and varied world.

Here are some of our favourites.

Blind spot

This one could do with a hyphen.

Turn a cliché into a jingle to give it new life

Some clichés are better than others, but none are quite as good as the ol’ faithful for jobbing plasterers: ‘no job too small’. We like how this lot have just plastered over it with a rhyme:

‘No job too big or small – so give us a call.’ But where’s their phone number?

Not the national width specialists

But the National Height Specialists. No job too tall for this lot – just look at the length of that ladder.  

Keep it local

This innovative Glasgow gas company likes a play on words. Full (gas) marks!

OR Get the brand guys to workshop it

Why leave it to the plasterers and blind cleaners though? Brands want some of that fun van action too.

Here’s Costa Coffee, getting all pally with us: ‘Sky divers and office workers relax, we’ll keep your coffee flowing’ it says.

Comforting words indeed for the sky divers we see plummeting into town.

Cultural wordplay on point  

Marlon Vando, starring in A Streetvan Named Desire.

And in other news

Four white cars in a row! Four! You couldn’t make that up.

Seen any great van signage recently? Got a better view from the office? Tell us all about it in the comments.

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