Content calendars are messing with your brand message

Sharing topical content could be great for your brand. But it depends on the occasion. It needs to suit your audience and clearly communicate your brand message.

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Sharing topical content can be great for your brand. But it depends on the topic. Best case: your content gets engagement but doesn’t convert into sales. Worst case: you damage your brand with confused content and bogus associations.

You’re creating clutter for your real customers

If customers and prospects are used to you sharing information about office furniture, they probably won’t care about Roald Dahl Day. Yes, yes, yes – we all love The Twits – but what is it you’re selling again?

And who wants to sift through ‘fun’ content to get to the thing they actually care about? Ask yourself, are you looking for an occasional peak in your engagement rates, or genuine brand loyalty?

International Meagre Returns Day

There’s no denying that if you use a trending hashtag, your tweet could get a lot of traction. Let’s say it’s National Unicorn Day. If a new unicorn-loving audience engages with your post, they’re not likely to hit the follow button – even if it's pink and glittery. In reality, they probably won’t even look at your page at all.

Be choosey

Pick events and festivities you can really play with. And be smart with your creative content – don’t rely on the day or event to do the leg work. Figure out how the event will engage your audience. If you can’t, it’s probably not worth the effort of twisting the narrative to fit your message.

Find the fit

When deciding on the events you want to include in your content calendar, ask yourself three things:

  • Who am I targeting?
  • Is this content related to my brand message?
  • What am I looking to gain?

If you’re trying to appeal to a new audience by dabbling with topical content, ask yourself what your brand stands for. Does this content fit into that ethos? Then ask yourself what your existing customers would think.

If there’s a good fit, post away. If not, best give Sourdough September a miss.

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