Recruitment consultant looking to poach our team?
They’re rubbish copywriters. And they smell.

We’re all ludicrously experienced copywriters who once had proper jobs in adland. (Like ‘Creative Director’ and ‘Head of Copy’, for example.)

What’s more, we’ve been writing for the web since the early days – Alan wrote his first website back in 1997, with the rest of the team not far behind.

Alan Black

Blackad launched in 2002. Before that I was a creative director, and further back, a head of copy. Today, I run the business, deliver training courses and write copy. When I’m not rattling the keyboard, I ride bikes, listen to hi-fi and tinker with technology.

David Atkinson

Before I joined Blackad in 2008, I worked in financial services, was an account man for an ad agency and spent a lot of time writing. Today I spend all my time writing. Writing, writing, writing. When I’m not writing I’m on the train, eating or asleep.

Galen O'Hanlon

I joined Blackad in 2014. I’ve written for some big companies and some very little ones. When I’m not writing websites, blogs, and bits for print, I teach yoga. Occasionally I have time to cook, ride bikes and read books, too.

The Other Writers

Oliver is Mr Financial Services. Mark’s your man for technology. Kay is the ex-BBC person who’s perfect for jobs that have a strong news angle. We could go on. The thing is, we know a lot of people. Which is ideal if you need to place someone on-site, or just make sure your projects are well-resourced.