How we work

The answer isn’t just ‘by typing lots of words’

We like to think of Blackad as the bridge between the ‘bloke in a bedroom’ freelancer and the full service digital agency. So you get the depth of resources a sole trader would struggle to provide – but with expertise, personal service and sensible pricing.

Project management, cost control, invoicing. Have you drifted off yet?

We like to conceal the mechanics of running a web project well away from our clients and their teams. But if you’re interested, we have quite a lot of systems which keep your website copywriting project ticking over nicely.

But now’s not the time or place – contact us if you want to know more about our secure client extranet, online time tracking, offsite backups and faster-than-light inter-office transportation.

Big and small

Yes, we’ve worked on some very large sites. But we’re happy to take on projects that can be measured in days (or even hours) rather than weeks or months.

In fact, we frequently work on smaller tactical and mini-sites for our larger clients.

We’ll get under your skin

We’re not the type of web copywriting agency that takes a brief and walks away. We want to question you about your business, your customers and what it is you hope to achieve. We’ll not wear you down with lengthy interrogation, but we will be thorough.